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Attention Tea Lovers!

If you're an existing client, you've probably received a packet of Divine Refinery's signature herbal tea blend inspired by Aveda. Whenever I'm in the mall, I love stopping by Aveda for a cup of their signature tea. It's so good and a nice way to welcome customers or end an appointment. Ever since becoming an esthetician/ massage therapist, one of my goals was to create my own signature herbal tea blend to give to clients in my practice.

I took a class last summer on herbs and tea at The Herb Shop and Tea Lounge (sadly, they're only online now) and learned about different types of tea leaves and herbs, their flavor profiles, how to prepare them and how to blend them.

Divine Refinery's herbal tea blend doesn't yet have a name (send your suggestions), but it is calming and feminine with a little warmth. The blend contains:

  • Chamomile buds - soothing, anti-inflammatory

  • Rose petals - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

  • Lavender buds - promote relaxation

  • Astragalus root - supports the immune system and aids in stress reduction

How to Prepare the Tea

  1. Bring a fresh pot of water to a boil

  2. Grab your favorite mug

  3. Add about 1tsp or more of the loose tea to a loose leaf tea filter

  4. Place the tea filter in the mug

  5. Pour about 8oz of boiled water over the tea

  6. Cover the mug and steep for about 10 minutes

  7. Optional: while your tea is steeping, journal, meditate, or practice deep breathing

  8. Remove the tea filter

  9. Add your favorite sweetener (I love this tea on its own)

  10. Enjoy!

Many of my clients like to enjoy this tea when they get home from their massage to extend their relaxation journey.

How to Get Free Tea

  1. Sign up for the newsletter and include your mailing address so I can send your tea & other goodies.

  2. Book an appointment. All clients get tea to enjoy at home with every session.

Are you a tea lover? Let me know your favorite herbal tea blend?



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