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Choosing the Right Massage: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Treatment for Your Needs

Choosing the right massage depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some common types of massages to consider:

  1. Swedish Massage is a gentle and relaxing massage that uses long, flowing strokes to promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.

  2. Deep Tissue Massage may be beneficial if you have chronic pain or specific problem areas you want to address. It targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage does not necessarily equate to a firm pressure massage. This may not be the most relaxing massage as it tends to be more corrective in nature and your therapist may need to verbally communicate with your throughout the session in order to properly address your concerns.

  3. Sports Massage is designed for athletes or physically active individuals, sports massage focuses on preventing and treating injuries, improving flexibility, and enhancing athletic performance.

  4. Hot Stone Massage involves placing heated stones on specific areas of the body to promote relaxation and relieve muscle tension. I love to receive hot stone massage, but dislike giving them to clients.

  5. Thai Massage, also known as Thai yoga massage, incorporates stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines in the body. It can improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and increase energy levels. This is my preferred method of massage to both give and receive.

  6. Shiatsu Massage, originating from Japan, involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to promote balance and relieve tension. It is often performed without oil, and the therapist may use their hands, thumbs, elbows, or knees.

  7. Aromatherapy Massage incorporates the use of essential oils to enhance relaxation and promote various therapeutic effects. Different oils are selected based on their specific properties and the desired outcome.

Some massage therapists have special advanced training and only accept clients who align with that specialty. Other licensed massage therapists use their skills to work on everyone.

When choosing a type of massage, consider your goals, any specific issues or conditions you want to address, and your personal preferences regarding pressure and technique.

It is best to consult with the licensed massage therapist you are considering booking with to provide recommendations based on your individual needs. Many, like myself, have advanced training in various types of massage, but focus on your area of concern rather than offer you a list of our modalities. I combine different types of massage to address stress and tension in women.

I am happy to refer you to another licensed massage therapist if your areas of focus fall outside of my niche.

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