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Policies & Guidelines


Please reschedule your appointment if you are not feeling well. If you just got over something & are still coughing or sniffling, please reschedule or wait to book your appointment. I will be happy to serve you once you are back in good health.


Late Starts

Sessions must begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time. If not:

Client's Fault

Divine Refinery has the right to cancel the session once the 15-minute grace period has passed. No refund will be issued & payment may be applied to a future appointment at the discretion of Divine Refinery.

Divine Refinery's Fault

A $30 fee will be refunded or subtracted from the balance of your next appointment. The client has the right to cancel the appointment and request a full refund once the 15-minute grace period has passed.

Adding Extra Time During a Session

Up to 30-minutes of massage time may be added during the session upon request & granted at my discretion. Additional payment is due at the end of the service via card or Venmo.



I will not share any private identifying information about clients with anyone unless legally required to do so. Clients must submit a written request to obtain or share their own records.



Appointments must be scheduled by the person receiving the service. The intake form must be completed by the person receiving the service. We strongly advise against surprise massage appointments as this infringes upon your loved one's boundaries. Gift cards are available for purchase & this grants that special someone in your life agency over their body.


Hygiene and Sanitation

Due to the nature of massage, clients are expected to be freshly bathed and free from make-up, odors and excessive perfumes in preparation for the appointment. 


Masks are not required at this time. However, if wearing a mask makes you more comfortable, masks we will wear masks during the appointment.


Fresh sheets and blankets will be used for each client, laundered in hot water & dried on high heat after each use. The massage table and accessory equipment will be disinfected/ sanitized after each session.


Sexual Impropriety

I will neither entertain nor engage in any sexual acts. I reserve the right to terminate an appointment at any time if I feel uncomfortable. A refund will not be issued and the client will not be able to book future appointments.



As a client, you may: 

  1. Decline touch to any area of your body at any time before or during the session

  2. Dress down to your comfort level or remain fully clothed

  3. End a session at any time for any reason 

  4. Request comfort measures during the massage (additional bolsters, more/less pressure, etc...)

  5. Express any feelings of discomfort at any time before, during or after the session

  6. Revoke or modify consent at any time before, during or after the session



During the massage, only areas that are currently being worked on will be uncovered. If you prefer that certain areas not be exposed, I am able to work over the sheet. Fully clothed services include the Foot Massage and Ultimate Pain Relief for Hips and Low Back. 

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