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woman getting massage

Divine Refinery
Massage & Esthetics
A relaxing sanctuary for women
Jenkintown, PA


About Me

I am a licensed massage therapist who helps women relieve pain and tension so they can feel better and function with more ease.

My professional background is in nursing and clinical research. I became a massage therapist to help relieve pain and suffering in a more holistic way that nourishes both me and the client.

I serve women because we often take care of everyone else, leaving ourselves as an after thought. Allow me to help you ease tension and relax.


Prices are listed below. Click the button below to learn more to about me, my services and book an appointment. Feel free to call (267) 721-3541 with questions. I look forward to meeting you!

-Dana Brown, LMT



(Gratuity is not accepted)







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